Our Mastering Studio

Newly built and furnished in 2008, Chuy's Garage Sound Recording Studio, was equipped with some of the latest and best equipments analog and digital gears, for best and clarity sound recording results to provide a premise for pristine sound. the brand new Chuy's Garage mastering room was built with a single purpose, sonic accuracy.

The Tireless Pursuit of Great Sound

Our philosophy is that a good production is the result of good creative chemistry of everybody involved.


Designed by Creazion Design in 2007 and proyect-managed by a group

of friends of mine. Originally opened in the 2008 for the recording

of local Cristian music in Houston Texas in the Garage Home, Later in 2016

The renovation was a full refurbishing, a new location Fort Lauderdale, FL.

The studio, Control room and The grand Live Room was updated for a more

modern sound with a Live Side/Diffuse Center/Dead Side installation.

The 8600 sq ft studio was over one year in the making

with a careful eye on design. Expert advisor carefully guided the project

from star to completion.

Studio and Work

We combine the advantages of the digital world

and the color of the analog world.

We have preAmps and microphones of high quality to capture your

music getting a natural sound, regardless of style.

You can record by "recordings" or with all musicians live.

We have several rooms equipped to be able to record

separately at the same time.

The fully floating room and custom acoustic treatment

was built with one thing in mind, sonic accuracy.

Meet Our Team

Our experienced staff can help you with all your mastering needs.

Together we cover a great range of genres & styles.


Jesus Gomez

OWNER/ENGINEER at Chuys Grarage Sound Recording Studios, Originaly from El Salvador CA, has lived in Florida for the last four year.

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